GOOgle drive embed test

The 8th grade classroom continues their educational journey right to the gates of high school! Under God's grace, here are the activities we have planned for the upcoming week:

Google Doc Link Example

I created a test google drive and created a google doc "Read Test" (also shown below in the directory listing).  The window below is displaying the contents of the "Read Test" document.  The teachers could update google doc file every Friday with their content and it would automatically update on the website.  That may be easier than one person managing the web site content for all classrooms?  It also retains the formatting from the google doc to the embedded window.  We can also resize the window to any size or "auto" to fit the contents.  

Here is a test google drive I created under my account.  I can share it with anyone.  Any documents I put on the shared drive automatically show up here and can be opened.  There could be a google drive setup for each classroom for content sharing through the website.  Teachers would only have to put files on the google drive to be able to share.  This would require no web site editing.

GRID View EXample

Same as the google directly above, but here is shown thumbnails of the documents instead of the file listing.