give In-Person USING the Offering Plate or with your mobile device

However God calls you to faithfully give, we make it simple!

Church Center Mobile Giving app - Any time, any day.

  • Church Center GIVING APP - Introduction video

    Over the last year our St. Paul Ministries has incorporated a church ministry management system called Planning Center which helps us to do a variety of things from checking in for worship to developing a calendar and also our own Church App through Church Center. 

    The APP has few different features to them, and to help you get a clearer picture of the APP, as well as our new giving module, we have a short video to assist you.

    If you have any questions about our St. Paul Lutheran Ministries APP or how to utilize the giving option, please speak with Pastor J or Gary Jahnke. Either one would be more than willing to answer your questions or help you enroll.

  • Mobile App

    1.  Download the Church Center Giving app from your Smartphone app store. Search for St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church

    You can give using a credit card, debit card, or, e-check. You can also set-up recurring giving; the smart and consistent way to share your first fruits.

    You have the option of directing your gifts to the following funds or projects:

    • General (gift goes towards expenses connected to the church budget)
    • School Bathrooms Remodel
    • Repave Parking Lot
    • Refinish Church Pews
    • Loan Pay-off
    • Parish Needy Fund

    Note: If you give via the mobile app, don't feel awkward about not putting anything in the offering plate when it passes by during the worship service. You can still use your offering envelope. Mark the e-Giving box on your offering envelope and place in the offering plate!

  • offering plate

    Of course, St. Paul Lutheran Ministries welcomes your first-fruit gifts in the offering plate. Always have, always will. And, if you prefer to mail your gift to the church office, you can still do that too. 

    The new mobile phone option listed above is simply a convenient and consistent way to share your gifts with St. Paul. Use the app if you attend a worship service in-person, attend the Worship service via Facebook, or, if you were not able to attend a worship service.