wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP)

St. Paul Lutheran Elementary is a WPCP Participant!

St. Paul has been actively involved in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program since 2015-2016! Through the WPCP program -- funded by the State of Wisconsin -- parents have a voice in how their tax dollars are spent on the education of their children. At St. Paul Lutheran Elementary, we believe parents are best equipped to decide what school is the best fit for their child. Through this program, many families have gained the choice of a Christian education for their sons and daughters.

Open enrollment for the WPCP program normally is open between the months of February and April. During this time, families are allowed to apply for the program and are notified if they are selected. Prior to applying, families are asked to set up an appointment with our principal Jason Kelley so that we may assist in the application process. St. Paul encourages all qualifying families to apply by prior to the April deadline.

Open enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year starts on February 1st, 2024.

Open Enrollment February 1st thru April 18th 2024!


For additional information, please contact Mr. Jason Kelley (Principal) at 920-733-9061.


The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) creates School Report Cards and District Report Cards for publicly funded schools and districts in the state. Starting with the 2015-16 school year, report cards for private schools participating in the choice program are required by law. St. Paul Lutheran School also elects to submit necessary data for students to DPI so that a Choice Report Card can be generated.

The Report Cards are intended to help schools see a clear picture of how well they are preparing students to be ready for the next educational step – including the next grade level, graduation, college, and careers.

St. Paul's Choice Report Cards, as well as those of all other Wisconsin public and private schools participating in Choice programs, are available through the DPI website along with resources that explain the report cards.

You may also download a copy of St. Paul Lutheran's  report card directly by using the link below.

2022-2023 Choice students report card

Notice of Educational Options

Pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 115.28 (54m), notice must be provided regarding the educational options available to all students who are at least three years old, but not yet 18 years old. A list of those options for Wisconsin students may be found on the DPI website.

St. Paul Lutheran is a 501 C3 entity.  For more information, please reference our Determination Letter.  You may contact the office for more details.