Why enroll your child at St. Paul School?

educational curriculum

The curriculum at St. Paul includes the core subjects taught at the elementary and junior high levels.  St. Paul Lutheran School is a Wisconsin State approved school and is accredited by the NCPSA & WELSSA.  All courses are taught from the perspective of the Christian faith and in agreement with the Bible, which is the true Word of God.

The curriculum at St. Paul includes:

  • Reading, phonics, and literature
  • English grammar, writing, and spelling
  • Mathematics and Algebra
  • Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences
  • Wisconsin State, United States, and World History
  • Geography, Social Studies, and current events
  • Music, Drama, and Art
  • Computer applications, Technology, and digital literacy
  • VEX Robotics
  • Physical Education
  • Bible History, Christian doctrine, and Catechism
  • Spanish Immersion classes for Grades 5-8

"I absolutely love this school as do my kiddos!  I love knowing that everyday my kids are away from me and in school ,they they are learning the Word of God and learning to love Him.  And they are getting a great education to boot!  I would highly recommend sending your child here!  Your children get fed God's Word, a great education, and the staff is amazing!"  -  Parent of St. Paul Student


St. Paul Lutheran School offers a variety of additional academic opportunities designed to help children develop their talents and interests.  These activities are an important part of our school's educational philosophy as they contribute to spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social growth.  Our students are active in interscholastic sports, academic contests, and pursuits of the fine arts.

Additional opportunities include:

  • VEX Robotics
  • PLTW (Project Lead the Way)
  • Geography and Math Bowls
  • Scholastic and Athletic Camps
  • Forensics (public speaking and debate)
  • Field Trips
  • Spelling Bee
  • Geography Bee
  • Art, Social Studies, and Science Fairs
  • Piano and instrumental lessons
  • Drama, Choir, Handbells, and Band
  • PTO Sponsored Events and activities


Participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular athletic programs can provide participants many benefits including building team skills, personal development, improved coordination, and physical fitness.  The lessons learned in athletics, combined with the knowledge that student-athletes must do well in school to participate, motivates their persistence and drive for success.

St. Paul Lutheran School is proud to offer after-school athletic programs to all it's students.  Each sports team participates in practices during the week as well as in interscholastic games with other schools throughout our division. 

The following sports programs are offered at St. Paul:


Girls Volleyball - All teams participate in practices and matches.

Girls Grades 3 & 4 - "C Team"

Girls Grades 5 & 6 - "B Team"

Girls Grades 7 & 8 - "A Team"

Girls & Boys Soccer - All teams participate in practices and matches.

Girls & Boys Grades 4 thru 8 - combined team

Girls & Boys Cross Country - All teams participate in practices and meets.

Girls Grades 3 - 5

Girls Grades 6 - 8

Boys Grades 3 - 5

Boys Grades 6 - 8


Girls & Boys Basketball - All teams participate in practices and games.

Girls & Boys Grades K thru 2 - combined Future Falcons team, meant to learn skills and have fun.  Practices but no official games.

Girls Grades 3 & 4 - "C Team"

Girls Grades 5 & 6 - "B Team"

Girls Grades 7 & 8 - "A Team"

Boys Grades 3 & 4 - "C Team"

Boys Grades 5 & 6 - "B Team"

Boys Grades 7 & 8 - "A Team"

Girls Cheer Leading - Cheer for respective Boys Basketball teams

Girls Grades 5 & 6

Girls Grades 7 & 8


Girls & Boys Track - All teams participate in practices and participate in 1 regional meet at FVL.

Girls & Boys Grades 5-8

educational FACILITIES

St. Paul Lutheran Ministries prides itself on improving, maintaining, and modernizing our entire St. Paul campus. Members of the St. Paul Church Properties Committee have focused on having the most up-to-date, well maintained, and secure properties around for our students, visitors, and guests. We are blessed to have so many dedicated members willing to support our Church, School, and Child Care Center with their time, talents and treasures. They are very aware the value of God’s Word in the lives of everyone!

In preparation for the recent 150th Anniversary celebration of our congregation, we modernized many areas of our Church, School, and Offices. Some of the upgrades include a new roof on our Church, restoration of the stained class Church windows, and repair of our Church steeples. In addition we've added modern audio and video systems for worship services, remodeled our fellowship hall for events, and As we continue improving our facilities, additional improvements are planned to ensure St. Paul Lutheran Ministries is well prepared for the next 150 years.

As well as improvements throughout the church, many areas of our School were also modernized. Some of these major improvements have focused on improving and enhancing each student's educational experience, while others are added to keep our facilities running efficiently. Some of the updates throughout our campus buildings include:

  • New lockers throughout our School
  • New roof on our School gymnasium
  • New rubberized floor/sports surface in the School gymnasium
  • New tile flooring in our School hallways
  • New carpeting in our School Kindergarten room
  • New Heating/Air conditioning system for our Church Office building
  • New “Smart boards” in all School classrooms
  • New IPads (younger grades) and Chromebooks (older grades) for technological learning and testing
  • New window shades in most School classrooms
  • New ventilation system in our Hot Lunch freezer room
  • New security systems in Church, School, and our Church Office building

On an on-going basis, we have many faithful members who assist us with such things as weekly Church cleaning and seasonal landscaping and gardening. We are very thankful for all the blessings the Lord has given us and honor him by maintaining His facilities while being good stewards of the monies He has entrusted to us.