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A GOD-LIVED LIFE: A life of being a disciple

This month, the particular focus of the God-lived life is that of being a disciple, a learner, one who grows in God’s Word. May God’s Word cause us to crave that pure spiritual milk so that by it we grow up in our salvation.

Our challenge card this month will focus on growing and learning in God’s Word. What’s your biggest motivation for spending time in God’s Word? What’s your biggest obstacle to spending time in God’s Word? What can help you overcome that obstacle? How can you build Bible study and prayer time into your regular routine?

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May God bless the coming weeks as we commit to living a God-lived life of discipleship!

Devotion for the week of August 6

August Challenge Video - Part_1_A_Life_of_Being_a_Disciple.mp4

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