What is 10 for 10?

Welcome to 10 for 10, a congregational stewardship program St. Paul conducted in 2019. 

10 for 10 included a three-Sunday emphasis that taught Biblical principles followed by a ten-week commitment that puts giving into action.

It includes motivational videos, devotions and bible studies that can be now found on this webpage. 

May God bless your use of 10 for 10  to encourage you and your family to grow in your commitment, involvement and the generosity that flows from the grace of giving!

Ten Reasons why tithing matters

Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). 

Tithing is the practice of giving one-tenth (10%) of one’s income to the Lord. Old Testament believers were required to tithe as a matter of law. New Testament believers may practice tithing as an expression of their Christian freedom. 

Lutherans have sometimes hesitated to commend the practice of tithing. Why? Because Lutherans are careful to avoid making rules and regulations where the gospel has given us freedom. Lutherans are also careful to avoid saying less than what God says on an issue. It is certainly true: Christ has fulfilled the tithe as a matter of law. But it is also true that Jesus may inspire our tithing as a matter of grace. 

What does the Bible teach about giving in general and tithing in particular? 

Download the PDF, "Why Tithing Matters" by clicking in this link: