Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Director - Candy Schulz

Candy has approximately 20 years of experience working with young children of all ages, primarily in the 3-6 years age range. She’s worked in a number of childcare settings in a variety of capacities, including lead teacher and assistant director, and also spent 8 years as a kindergarten teacher. She has her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and was Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod certified in Early Childhood Education in 2000.

Candy was born and raised in Nebraska (Go Cornhuskers!), where most of her family remains. Candy’s husband Mike is the principal of Bethlehem Lutheran School in Hortonville. They have two children, Elizabeth age 16 and Matthew age 12. In her free time, Candy loves spending time with her family, gardening, reading books, baking, and watching football.

Candy is extremely passionate about early childhood education. She is committed to making the center a place where your children are safe, and nutured in body, mind and most importantly, spirit.    

If you're intersted in learning more about our center, or scheduling a tour, please give Candy a call!  920-733-9061

Meet Mrs. Stephanie - Infants
Mrs. Stephanie is our lead in the infants room.  Nearly every morning she is the bright and cheery face the little lambs are greeted by when entering the room.  She loves to be able to care for the infants as they grow and mature in the early stages of life.    The infant room, if you've not seen it, is filled with infant appropriate decor and learning and development tools.

When asked what she loves the most about working at the ECC, she said caring for the infants and seeing the older children grow in their faith, as well as hearing them repeat bible stories and lessons to each other. 

Meet Mrs. Diane - 1 Year Old Room

Mrs. Diane Enter has been working in the Early Childhood profession for over 25 years. Diane currently teaches in the one year old's room at our Early Childhood Center. Over the years Mrs. Diane has served many families and witnessed many children grow both developmentally, as well as spiritually.    

Diane loves teaching the message of Jesus to the little lambs in her room.  The children explore and play in a way that helps them with both their large and small motor skills.  When we asked Diane to tell us the favorite part of her day, she told us she delights in meal time when the children gather excitedly to pray before eating, saying, “Abba, Father,” with joy in their hearts and smiles on their faces.

Once the children graduate to the 2 year old room they are on their way to learning more skills and becoming more independent.   While they may move out of Mrs. Diane's room, based on our open design, they'll still have distinct familiarity with their surroundings.

Watch out world---these kiddos aren't babies anymore!

Meet Mrs. Val - Assistant Teacher - 1-2 Year Rooms

Val Willard. Val has been with us since last year just after we opened our new center. Val tells us she loves to be around the children and watch them learn and grow. It’s not the “terrible two’s,” but the TERRIFIC TWO’S! 

Thank you Val, for all of your hard work and the loving care you give the little lambs at the St. Paul ECC!

Meet Mrs. Carrie - Assistant Teacher - 1-2 Year Rooms

Carrie Garbo helps out as an assistant teacher in our one and two year old rooms. Carrie has worked with the ECC for the past four years (previously in our old building as well.) 

Carrie loves to see the little ones learn and explore. She tells us they have pretty good stories to tell--and extremely vivid imaginations! Carrie's father is a Pastor and she uses the blessings of faith he taught her with these children on a daily basis.
She also tells us she adores her fellow staff members, and feels as though it is a second family to her.

Meet Mrs. Liz - 2 Year Old Room

Mrs. Liz Ellsworth has been working in the Early Childhood profession for over eight years. She currently teaches in the two year old's room at our Early Childhood Center. Mrs. Liz gets the children ready for the slow integration into the big kid stepping stone of 3K.

Liz loves reading to the children, as well as singing Christian songs with them as they develop their love of Jesus. She tells us one of the best things about her job is seeing the children grow in their love for their Savior from such a precious age.  The children constantly amaze her with their creativity and inquisitive nature.  In the two year old room there's certainly no shortage of children eager to learn new things!

Giggle alert! If you're walking past Mrs. Liz's room be prepared to hear a chorus of infectious giggles!

Meet Mrs. Connie - Assistant Teacher - 2 Year Room

Connie Casey helps out as an assistant teacher in our two year old room. Connie joined us as we opened the doors to our new facility last fall and has been a huge blessing to the center and families she has served ever since.

When we asked Connie to tell us what she loves about the ECC she couldn’t stop talking about her love for the children. She loves to see the children’s faces light up as they learn and grow. She delights in their expressions as they discover something new, and loves to watch over them as they navigate the exciting world of toddlerhood. 
Meet Mrs. Joan - Assistant Teacher

Joan DeGroot is one of our exceptionally versatile assistant teachers.  Her vast years of early childcare experience and knowledge makes her the ideal "jack of all trades," in the ECC!   The children quickly adapt to her presence and she's always there to help them with their every need. 

Joan is a very important part of our ECC family, making the children feel welcome, loved and cared for throughout their day.  Joan loves working with the little children and seeing the bright and shining smiles on their faces in every room.


Meet Mrs. Lisa - 4K & Summer Camp 

During the school year, Mrs. Lisa Buchholz is the lead teacher in the 4K room. Mrs. Lisa does an excellent job engaging the children in lessons plans, both technically and spiritually. Lisa is warm, enthusiastic and caring, and she does an exceptional job preparing her students for the” big kid,” world of Kindergarten. When we asked Lisa to name her favorite thing about teaching 4K at the ECC, she smiled and said, “Everything!” While she truly does love it all, she did mention that she enjoys watching the children grow not only in their general knowledge, but also in their faith. Additionally, she loves doing science projects with the children and delights in their fascination of learning how things work.

During the summer months, Mrs. Lisa leads our Summer Camp program (ages 5+.) She takes the kids on field trips, teaches them through hands-on learning, does fun art projects and makes sure the kids keep up on their reading.

Meet Mrs. Kathy - 4K Assistant Teacher

Meet Mrs. Kathy! During the school year, Mrs. Kathy Berger is the assistant teacher in the 4K room. She helps implement the lessons and keeps the kids focused on developing their skills for Kindergarten. But that's not all! Kathy helps out in other rooms and ages as well---her versatility is truly a gift to our center!

During the summer, she's been working with the three and four year olds to keep them in the learning mood! Kathy loves to do art projects with the children. She says watching them use their creativity to make works of art brings her a great deal of joy. Paint, paper, glue, you name it, Kathy has a project for it.  

When asked, Kathy said her favorite aspect of working at the ECC is when she gets to read to the children and see them grow in the knowledge of their Savior.


Meet Mrs. Pam - Childcare Chef

 Pam Bohl is our fantastic cook at the ECC. You should see the kids’ faces light up with excitement when Mrs. Pam enters the room! She greets the kids with a smile and they come running!

When asked about her favorite aspect of working at the ECC, she said getting the chance to utilize her culinary talents to make delicious, healthy and creative meals and snacks for the children. It’s her goal to keep the kids bellies full so they are energized and ready to learn and grow.

We thank you Mrs. Pam for all of your hard work and for the loving care you put into the children’s plates and hearts!