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How do I pledge or donate?

  • Complete a Promise Card - indicating your pledge amount - and drop in the box marked Moving the Legacy Forward Promise Cards and Gifts in the church narthex.  You can also mail your Promise Card to the church office
  • Drop your donation into the box marked Moving the Legacy Forward Promise Cards and Gifts in the church narthex, or, drop in an offering basket.  You can also mail your donation to the church office,
  • Promise Cards and Donation envelopes are available by the box marked Moving the Legacy Forward Promise Cards and Gifts in the church narthex.  You can also download and print a Promise Card by clicking here.
  • Or, as of October 24, 2016, you may now donate on-line.   Click here to donate on line.

Why is Moving The Legacy Forward important to me?

Our new emphasis, "Moving the Legacy Forward" is an opportunity for each of us to be part of 
growing the legacy and sharing in Gods many blessings that have been so important to the St. Paul 
Lutheran congregation for nearly 150 years. Through Gods love, and with your prayerful giving, we 
hope to be able to touch more lives and spread God's word as we increase enrollment at St. Paul 
Lutheran Church and School, as we strengthen God's love for the next generation and continue Moving 
The Legacy Forward.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to match the results of the initial Living Legacy offering by raising an additional 
$750,000 over the three year period of 2015- 2017, and to do so without reducing our ongoing 
operational offerings.

What  will your  support  help us accomplish?

• To complete the needs identified in our initial "Living Legacy" offering
• Funding the "New Direction" through additional outreach for Nate Kallies while retaining our 
current teaching staff
• To help support the new, envisioned Childcare Center
• To better support and uphold our financial commitments to Fox Valley Lutheran High School and 

Why are we doing this on the heels of the 150th?

It is important that we keep the momentum of God's love and spreading his gospel. Your prayerful 
giving is what has graced St. Paul Lutheran Church and School with the many blessings from God over 
the last three years as we move in a new direction of outreach and growing our congregation. 
Investing your time and dollars into these projects is both timely stewardship and proactive 

How can we expect to generate such additional funds?

It could never happen without the Lord's blessings. All of our endeavors call for a firm reliance 
on the Lord of the Church and clinging to Him in faith. Jesus put it simple "Without me, you can do 
nothing." But he also said, "If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, 
and it will be given to you." (John 15) Your participation starts and ends with prayer and counting 
the many blessings Jesus brings into your life.

Why not just take funds out of operating budget?

Offerings in our ministry budget are being utilized for current needs. Unfortunately, there are no 
funds left over from capital improvements. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for special gifts in 
order to Move the Legacy Forward through additional growth and outreach. We recognize that any 
special appeals require us to examine our needs and our faith and ask for God's guidance as we 
consider our participation in that legacy.