Tuition Information

Non-Member Tuition
Grade Level Tuition Amount
Pre-school and Childcare See ECC site
School Choice Students Covered by Voucher
K-8 $2860
2nd child+ (K-8) $2580
Approved for 2017-18  
Member Tuition
Grade Level Tuition Amount
Pre-school and childcare See ECC site
School Choice Students Covered by Voucher
K-8 $750
2nd child + (K-8) $705
Approved for 2017-18  
St. Paul Lutheran School Tuition Payment Policy
The Board of Education wants to make payment of tuition a consistent, simple, and easy process for school parents, as well as the board members. This policy will offer clear and specific guidance on how tuition is paid at St. Paul Lutheran School.
  1. Tuition payments need to be made in full no later than the Registration date.
    1. A 3% discount will be applied for those who pay their tuition in full during Registration.
  2. For those families where circumstances do not allow full payment by Registration, the remaining balance will be divided into 10 equal parts; the first of which must be paid on registration day.  A payment plan for the remaining 9 payments will be required.  The Board of Education offers the following two monthly payment options:
    1. Pre-authorized automatic monthly withdrawals from a checking or savings account made on a date of your choosing.
    2. Monthly payments of cash or check can be made throughout the month, but must be made by the last business day of the month.  Please note if for any reason you are late or miss a payment, you must enroll in the automatic monthly withdrawal program.
  3. If payment is returned with insufficient funds available, then further charges are incurred.
    1. Policy on missed payments:   If your monthly payment comes back NSF, you have closed your account, or for some other reason the payment is not made, you will be sent a certified letter requesting the current month’s payment, and a request for you to either update your bank account to make sure this does not happen again, or pay your complete balance in full by the end of the month.   If payment is not received by the end of the month, you will receive a phone call and an additional $5 late fee.  If the monthly payment and the fees are not paid by noon of the second Monday of the following month, the Board of Education will address your situation at the monthly meeting, and your child may not be allowed to attend the school until your payment situation is satisfactorily resolved.  It is your responsibility to verify your payments clear your bank on a timely basis.  If your payments do not clear the bank, and you claim you did not receive a certified letter, or choose not to sign for the letter, or choose not to answer your phone, your child may still be subject to the same actions as indicated above.
    2. Transcripts, report cards and diplomas are withheld until tuition has been paid in full.
    3. If a previous year’s tuition is not fully paid by Registration day of the following year :
      1. Parents will be required to participate in the automatic withdrawal program for any past due balance. The monthly automatic withdrawal payments will include the past due balance, as well as the tuition for the new school year. The total costs will be divided equally among 10 payments.  Failure to participate in this will result in the inability to enroll at St. Paul Lutheran School. 

Tuition Policy for Non-Members
Non-members who desire to become members of St. Paul Lutheran Church may do so by completing the appropriate classes for new members. Non-members who are enrolled in classes are allowed to enroll their children in our school at the member tuition rate.

Withdrawal Policy
If a student withdraws from St. Paul Lutheran School within two weeks after the start of the school year, all but $100 of fees and tuition will be refunded. If a student withdraws more than two weeks after the start of a new semester, payment of all fees and tuition will be required for that half of the school year.