Members of the St. Paul Church Properties Committee have always tried to focus on having the most up-to-date, well maintained and secure properties around for our members, users and guests.  We are blessed to have members willing to support our Church, Child Care Center and Christian Day School with their time, talents and treasures because they are very aware of the value of God’s Word in the lives of everyone. 
We are currently in the process of upgrading our Church, School and Office building in preparation for the 150th Anniversary of our congregation in 2017.  Some of the upgrades already made include a new roof on our Church, new windows in our school and repair of our Church steeples.  Future upgrades will include new Univent heaters in all of the School classrooms, a new heating/air conditioning (HVAC) system for the Church, improved audio/video system in Church, new electrical wiring in Church, re-leading and restoration of the stained glass windows in Church, a revamped plan for our Church basement, repainting the entire Church interior, and a new entranceway for our Church Office building.
In the past several years we have already made several major improvements which include such things as:
  1. New lockers throughout our School
  2. New roof on our School gymnasium
  3. New rubberized floor in the School gymnasium
  4. New tile flooring in our School hallways
  5. New carpeting in our School Kindergarten room
  6. New Heating/Air conditioning system for our Church Office building
  7. New “Smart boards” in all School classrooms
  8. New window shades in most School classrooms
  9. New ventilation system in our Hot Lunch freezer room
  10. New security systems in Church, School and our Church Office building
On an on-going basis, we have many faithful members who assist us with such things as weekly Church cleaning and seasonal landscaping and gardening. 
We are very thankful for all the blessings the Lord has given us and honor him by maintaining His facilities while being good stewards of the monies He has entrusted to us.