Rich Tradition

138 Years and Counting


St. Paul Lutheran School was very instrumental in our lives, and we are thrilled to share with you some of the benefits that St. Paul has given our family. As students of St. Paul in the 1980s, we experienced an outstanding Christian education. The goal of any education is to give the student the ability to reason and think critically.  However, even more important were the values that were taught and the attributes such as faith, humility, integrity, commitment, respect, and service to others before self that were demonstrated by the staff.  This gave us a solid foundation not only for learning, but for life.  In addition to the excellent staff and faculty, St. Paul offered many sports, theater, choir, PTO events and service opportunities.   
Today, it is an amazing blessing and privilege to send our own children to the grade school that we both attended. Our children have not only been challenged academically, but have developed a faith in their Lord that will be with them throughout their entire life.  Each year, we are blessed to meet new parents who also desire a quality Christian education for their child. There is a common bond among all of these parents in that they are seeking a place where their child can flourish both spiritually and academically. They desire a place where the education will involve more than reading and writing - a place where their child will meet God on a daily basis through Scripture and prayer.  
There are many attributes about St. Paul that haven’t changed. St. Paul Lutheran’s teachers and staff continue to be passionate about their calling, and truly care about the children, their future, and more importantly, their eternal future. The teachers continue to use the Law and Gospel to correct our children in a loving environment. St. Paul is instrumental in assisting us with raising Christian children with the goal of having them demonstrate God pleasing values and behaviors.  They can focus on our children even more than a typical school because of the current student/teacher ratio of 12:1, which is even better than when we attended St. Paul!
The school facilities continue to be fantastic. They are actually even more inviting and updated than they were when we attended the school! There are now smart boards, air conditioning, new lockers, a new gym floor, new flooring throughout the school and even new windows. Our children rave about the hot lunch program, just how we remember it. We loved hot lunch!!
Our children enjoy many sports at St. Paul Lutheran including basketball, volleyball, cross country and soccer.  There are also choir opportunities, piano lessons, and theater week.  They really love skating parties and Laff-O-Lympics!
We have also been blessed with a Christian Day Care facility that all three of our children attended. It was amazing what our children learned in day care. What reaffirmed our decision was when our children came home singing Christian songs and told us about their Savior, Jesus Christ.
As parents, it’s very nice to be able to get involved in the school our children attend. The opportunities seem to be endless, and when we feel like we aren’t able to participate, the leaders in school completely understand. They don’t pressure us to volunteer for anything that we don’t have time for or aren’t comfortable in participating. It feels great to be part of something bigger than ourselves, especially when it’s work for the Lord!
According to Proverbs 22:6, we feel that Christian education is a part of our obligation to "train up a child.” St. Paul has had a large role in our lives and has influenced the growth of our faith into a strong relationship with Christ.  Now, it is amazing to see our children developing a relationship with Christ as well.