Why St. Paul?

Christian Education at St. Paul Lutheran Church and School:
“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he  is old he will not turn from it.”  (Proverbs 22:6)
St. Paul Lutheran Church understands that Christian education is at the very heart of the church.  As people of all ages are educated in the truths of God’s Word the Spirit of God nurtures them in their faith, inspires and empowers them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ and compels them to share their faith and serve others in the home, the community, and in God’s world.
St. Paul Lutheran School supports parents to educate and raise their children in the Word of God centered on Jesus Christ as the Savior and main teacher.   Each subject is presented and learned through the lens of the scriptures.  Every subject is taught with Christ as the center.  History becomes the story of God’s dealing with mankind.  Geography lives as you see the gospel spread throughout different countries.  Science is the outworking of God’s laws.  Math shows the absoluteness of God.  In health we see that man is fearfully and wonderfully made.  Sports are played for God’s glory.
It is St. Paul Lutheran School’s goal to help students see God in all of life:
           To “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” (Matthew 22:37)
            To be heavenly minded by “storing up for yourselves treasures in heaven.”  (Matthew 6:20)
            To develop self-control and live a disciplined life according to Bible rules under the control of the Holy Spirit. (Philippians 4:8)
We pray that Christian education through the Holy Spirit will lead our students to be able to find out for themselves that life is the day after day walk in faith with God, and it is living within the norms established in Scripture because of  love for their Savior Christ Jesus.
Church Connection
The church has been given the command by Jesus Christ to make disciples by baptizing and teaching.  Therefore, St. Paul Lutheran Church has a long history of providing Christian education to the people of Appleton.  St. Paul Lutheran Church opened a Christian school in 1879.  Thousands of young people have been prepared for life and for eternity through the school. 
With such a long history of supporting Christian education, it is not surprising that there is a close bond between church and school.  The children regularly have chapel in the church.  Junior Choir and Celebration ringers regularly participate in worship.  Sometimes classes and the whole school sing in church.   The children of our school make art work gifts for the elderly of our congregation and some of the retired members listen to children read or read stories to classes. 
Because of its commitment to the school, the church has tried to maintain low tuition for the school.  The members of the church feel it is their duty to help support the Christian education of our young people.  In recent years, with funds raised for our 150th Anniversary as a congregation, many improvements have been made to the school building, including new windows, new hallway flooring, new gym floor and new lockers. 
All of this is a reflection that the church sees the school as a vital part of our Christian education ministry and an important way to help children build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ while developing their life skills. 
Staff combined 206 years of experience
When you are looking for a school, it is very calming and encouraging to know that your child will always be in good hands.  That is certainly true of St. Paul Lutheran School, where your child will learn at the feet of Jesus by learning at the feet of our faculty.  One of the biggest strengths of St. Paul Lutheran School is its faculty, which has a combined teaching experience of 206 years among 10 different teachers.  Despite the wealth of experience, St. Paul Lutheran School also has a good younger component in its staff as well.  This balance results in a well-rounded education for your child.
Faculty members at St. Paul Lutheran School take the time to assist you in raising your child physically, emotionally, socially, and, most importantly, spiritually.  They take personal pride in the accountability of their students throughout the day and hold them to a high standard of behavior.  Most teachers spend the entire day with their students, not leaving them in the hands of someone else during lunch, recess, and special classes.  It is truly a relationship that is special to see in our hallways and classrooms. 
All of our faculty members were trained at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota.  During their training, they were prepared to teach all subject areas, but they were especially trained to teach God’s Word in its truth and purity.  Our teachers are uniquely gifted to work with your children in that they can work through difficulties and problems using God’s Law and then God’s Gospel.  The students of our school are shown their sinfulness when needed, but then picked up with the sweet message of forgiveness won through Jesus Christ.
Our educators hold to these foundational beliefs:
God’s teachings in the Bible are the foundation of every point of view, action, and product in Lutheran schools.
Christ’s love compels all Christians—adults and children—to serve as He did.
High quality Christian education is an expression of our desire to do all things to the glory of God.
High quality Christian education is an integral part in making Christian disciples of young children and of reaching out into the community with the Gospel.
High quality Christian education is an expression of the good stewardship of the blessings which God has graciously given us.
High quality Christian education is solely a blessing from our gracious God.
If you have any questions about our staff, please contact Mr. Nate Kallies, Principal, at 733-9061.

Student-Teacher Ratio of 12:1
With increasing class sizes in almost every area of education, St. Paul Lutheran School prides itself in keeping the student-teacher ratio as low as we possibly can.  We currently boast a 12:1 ratio in this area, while keeping tuition costs at a very low level.
Because of the low student-teacher ratio, the faculty at St. Paul Lutheran School has more opportunities to individualize instruction and give one-on-one instruction to students who are in need.  In addition, we also have many parent volunteers who come in and volunteer their time to read, tutor, or assist teachers in various areas.  We are truly blessed by our teachers and our parent helpers.
If you have any questions concerning any of our programs at St. Paul Lutheran School, please contact Mr. Nate Kallies, Principal, at 920-733-9061.

High Test Scores
Though we pride ourselves on the religious training of our children, our test scores are also well above the national average in every category (reading, total language, mathematics, science, and social studies).  Some areas, in certain grade levels, are 35% above the national average.
You can be assured that your child will be trained and prepared for all areas of life at St. Paul Lutheran School.  Our focus on Christ and the message of the cross is taught in conjunction with all secular areas of the curriculum.  This balanced approach leads to rigor and success at all levels of instruction.
St. Paul Lutheran School currently uses Terra Nova 3 as its standardized test.  If you have any questions about our test scores or the testing company we use, please contact Mr. Nate Kallies, Principal, at the St. Paul Lutheran School office at 920-733-9061.
St. Paul Lutheran School is accredited by two well-respected organizations across the country.  We currently hold accreditation through both the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran School Accreditation (WELSSA). 
To obtain accreditation, our school goes through a continuous five-year School Improvement Plan (SIP), which focuses on mission, relationships (with congregation, home, students, community, and synod), climate, governance, personnel, curriculum, instruction, services, facilities, and information management.  This five-year cycle ensures that we, as a Christian school, continue to offer high quality education, with high quality teachers, in a high quality facility.
As an accredited school, we meet the following standards:
Defining appropriate educational goals and providing educational programs to achieve them.
Maintaining a qualified faculty and effective school organization.
Assessing outcomes of school experiences and controlling the quality of educational programs.
Responding to concerns of parents and needs of the school community.
Providing for the continuity of its programs and planning for their future.
Describing with accuracy the content of its services and programs.
Developing plans and activities for continuous improvement.
If you have any questions about accreditation, please contact Mr. Nate Kallies, Principal, at the St. Paul Lutheran School office at 733-9061.
Power School
St. Paul Lutheran School utilizes the latest in technology when it comes to its student information system (SIS).  The SIS St. Paul utilizes is called Power School, which is a Pearson company.  This SIS allows three communities access to students’ grades, attendance, and other information. 
First of all, the parents can get a real-time look at how their children are doing in all curricular areas, any missing work, their child’s attendance, and any comment made by the teacher about their child’s progress.  They can also view any announcements from the school via Power Announcement. 
Secondly, the teachers’ portal is accessible to all educators anytime and anywhere via the web.  This allows them to correct and make comments from home, instead of being trapped at school to correct and enter grades.  Teachers can also keep track of missing assignments, make comments about progress, as well as utilize many reporting options when communicating to parents. 
Finally, the administrators’ portal allows the front office to work seamlessly and efficiently with students’ cumulative files.  The front office also has literally hundreds of reporting options for items such as report cards, immunizations, field trip forms, activities, birthdays…pretty much anything the administration would like to have a report on is available.
If you have any questions about Power School, please call Mr. Nate Kallies, Principal, at the school office at 733-9061.

Your child will have an opportunity to give glory to God each spring and also participate in a great fellowship event with other FVL Schools.  Each April, the students in grades 5-8 participate in a one-day track and field event against all the other FVL Schools from the Fox River Valley.  The track season begins in early March during physical education classes, and then expands to after-school practices that are optional.
The children learn about long-distance running, short-distance running, high jump, shot put, long jump, etc.   They also learn about how to take care of their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit and learn to appreciate that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle.
If you would like more information about the track season and ways your child can glorify God through sports, please contact Nate Kallies in the St. Paul Lutheran School Office at 733-9061.
Reading to Kids
This is a program used mostly by first graders although kindergartners also read to older students later on in the school year. 
The program was started to give the first graders more opportunities to read.  Every week the first graders read to older children.  The students partner up and read one or more stories to the older students.  The older students in turn help them sound out words and then ask them a question about the story.  First graders read books that are at their reading level.  The books often have the “sounds” that the class is learning.  They are not stories from our readers.  A friendship is born among the students.  The older students also learn to be responsible in helping the first graders.
First graders also read to the parents who have volunteered to come in at the days’ end to listen to them read.  They ask the children a question about the story.  Occasionally, a parent who gets off work early will drop in to listen to them read.  Even former parents of first graders like to come back to listen to the children read.
In addition to this, retired members of our congregation come in three afternoons a week for about an hour to listen to the students read.  It is wonderful to see the first graders get to know these church members and then recognize them in church!  It keeps the retired members in touch with the school children and of course keeps us reading.  They love coming in to listen to the first graders read and the children love reading to them.
Mentoring Program
We have a mentoring program in our school in which upper graders mentor the lower grade children.  Each of the children is partnered up with another student.  They do things together such as occasionally eating lunch together and then playing together at recess.  The children sit next to each other at our chapel services.  The older students help the younger students follow along in the hymnal.  They set examples of how the lower grade students should act in church by  good behavior and participating in the service.  Sometimes the younger children read to the older children and sometimes the older students read to the younger students.  They may go to the park together or even on a field trip together.
We have this program to promote a unity in our school family.  The students know each others’ names and the little ones don’t have to be
afraid when they see the bigger students either in or out of school.  It is wonderful to see the friendships develop among the students.


St. Paul is blessed to have a very active group of parent volunteers at the school.  These volunteers can find an outlet for their energy and ideas through the Parent/Teacher Organization.  The PTO takes responsibility for coordinating student favorites such as Trunk or Treat, the Laff-O-Lympics, and biannual roller skating parties.  The group also coordinates service projects such as serving Fellowship Meals and organizing Staff Appreciation Week each May.  To fund PTO events, members have been relying mostly on proceeds from Box Tops for Education by coordinating an annual campaign drive to keep students focused on bringing in their Box Tops.  In the future, PTO hopes to add a few more social programs including a movie nights on the big screen in the gym as well as service projects including a bulletin board swap system and a church-wide rummage sale. 
Due to recent successes with the Box Tops campaigns, the PTO has been able to give back to the school this year by donating half the cost for new cheerleading uniforms for both the A and B cheerleading teams.  Many more needs have been identified throughout the school and the group hopes to be able to continue providing large donations towards these items.
All parents at St. Paul are encouraged to come to the PTO meetings and share ideas, even if they can't commit to spending a lot of time volunteering.  Opportunities, both big and small, are available for those who wish to get involved.
  St. Paul Hot Lunch Program
St. Paul Hot lunch program is available daily providing healthy and fun meals to our students while following the state and Federal nutritional guidelines for the National School Meals Program. We employ two cooks who also prepare hot lunch and deliver fresh to Riverview Lutheran School daily.
We utilize the “Offer verses Serve” method for our meal service.  This method allows children to choose food items that are offered rather than requiring them to take all foods listed on the menu.  Students must choose at least three of the five food categories (milk, meat/meat alternative, vegetable, fruit, grain/bread).  One item MUST be a minimum of a ½ cup fruit or vegetable with each meal. Using this method reduces unnecessary food waste, and allows students to try new food items without having to take the entire portion.
Menus are distributed monthly providing a variety of nourishing kid friendly items at an affordable price. Students may purchase lunch tickets Monday through Friday in school office. Parents are encouraged to pay by the week or month. The price is $2.75 for student lunch. Reduced-price student lunch is $.40. Adult lunch is $3.25. Free and Reduced price lunch is available for students that qualify.  Application forms can be picked up in school office at any time throughout the school year.
Parents no longer have to pack a sack lunch for field trips. We make it for you! All mom or dad needs to do is sign up when your child brings home the field trip note. Lunches consist of a 6” sub sandwich full of turkey, ham, and cheese—condiments, a bag of vegetable sticks, fruits, and a special chocolate chip cookie with milk. Their tickets will be adjusted just as if they were eating a hot lunch that day. 
Parents are welcome to come and eat with their students. Please call the office before 9:00AM if you plan to come in and eat with your child. 
We encourage kids to choose our delicious, nutritious school meals for a successful
day of learning and fun!  We sincerely appreciate your support and participation in our school lunch program and look forward to serving you.