What is Joyful Generosity?

Joyful Generosity is a WELS stewardship program introduced to the members of St. Paul in early 2018. The goal of Joyful Generosity is to grow our appreciation of this truth . . . "From the fullness of Christ's grace we have all received one blessing after another." (John 1:16) 

Our Savior abundantly blesses us and enables us to use those blessings to his glory and the benefit of precious souls at home and abroad.  The 150th Living Legacy emphasis and the Moving the Legacy Forward emphasis at St. Paul are great examples of using our blessings to his glory.

Joyful Generosity is a gift from God and it is learned behavior.

We pray that as we continue to grow in our understanding of God’s generosity, our daily lives—and the atmosphere in our church —will reflect our Lord’s generosity. 



Grace of Giving - 21 Day Devotion 

This is a great bible study that was shared with the St. Paul members in early 2018. If you were unable to particpate in this bible study, or, would like a refresher, please download a copy by clicking here:

Go through the devotions at a pace that allows you to reflect and apply.  They are really quite insightful and powerful.  Here is snapshot of the devotion from Day 5 - something you have probably thought about several times:

“The church is always talking about money!” Have you ever heard that complaint? It’s not true. In fact, we probably do not talk about money often enough. That’s because what we really like to talk about is Jesus! We shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about money in the church. Jesus often did. About one in seven statements Jesus made is about money or material possessions. Jesus knew that money and material possessions are something that our sinful nature likes to think about a lot. He does us a tremendous favor by putting our money in the right context. We don’t worship money. We use money—for our good and for God’s glory. One of the reasons Paul wrote 2 Corinthians 8-9 was to remind the Corinthians to bring their offering for the saints to completion. They needed a little encouragement, so Titus was sent to encourage them and Paul wrote the letter. He wanted them to “excel in this grace of giving.” Our sinful nature and our new man need these words of encouragement!

Have you made a budget to plan the use of your money?  A good budget will help you stay away from those things that leak money.

Heavenly Father, all that I have received from you, You have been gracious and generous to me in so many different ways.  Forgive me when I look at money as my money and not your money.  Give me a joyful and generous heart that I might honor you with all that I have. Amen.


Joyful Generosity - In action

Giving to the past, giving to present, and giving to the future of St. Paul



If your love for Jesus has led you to share God's blessings and gifts, please consider the following


“Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops;”

Proverbs 3:9